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My Eighth Business Birthday

I knew I’d missed writing one business birthday blog, but I hadn’t realised that I’d missed two! So, I’m not going to attempt to give a summary of the last three years. I’m not sure I can remember it all anyway! I haven’t done any blogging since about 2020 either. Not great in my line of work or for reassuring […]


My Fifth Business Birthday

My fifth year of business is once again being marked here in rural Brittany, France, where I’ve been with my family since March. I’m pleased with how Gudrun Lauret Copywriting is doing, but as always, I feel I could do better. Of course, while I intend to review how things have changed for me in the previous 12 months, it’s […]


My Fourth Business Anniversary

Today I’m celebrating my fourth year in business at Gudrun Lauret Copywriting with a fruit tart in France! I’ve been here in Brittany since June, and it’s been more work than holiday. It’s so peaceful, though, that I’ve had plenty of time to focus on what’s important. When I went to review my previous bizversary posts, I realised I didn’t […]


Content Marketing: 9 Ways to Think About it

The words ‘content marketing’ often worry people, because they can’t see how it applies to their business, particularly in more traditional industries. And there’s also a perception that it’s just a fad, and not a way to build meaningful relationships with customers. To help you think about how it might be of benefit to you, I’ve put together this list […]


Staying Healthy While Travelling

I’m continuing to push on with my goal of being location independent with my business, and my trial run in Malta earlier this year shows that I can be productive working in a hotel room, and resist the pull of the pool to meet my deadlines. The part that seems to elude me, though, is being healthy and eating properly. […]


Copywriting – Only About Sales Messages?

At CMA Live last month, there was a fantastic presentation by Amy Harrison on writing better for your audience so you’re communicating the value of your offering. She was talking about sales copywriting – about writing for your website and about how you help potential customers overcome their objections. That’s all good stuff and it was definitely relevant to the […]


CMA Live 2018 – Some Musings

Attending CMA Live This year’s CMA Live experience was very different to last year, and I think that was really down to how I feel about myself and my business. In the intervening 12 months, I’ve done a lot of work on my message, my offering and my website (although not my social media – one thing at a time!) […]


The Conundrum of Being a ‘Poker Wife’

I love it when people ask me what I do – my dream job was to be a writer, and now I am one. When people find out my husband is a semi-professional poker player, they imagine we live an impossibly glamourous, wildly exciting life. The truth, of course, is that one of us spends our days hunched over a […]