My Eighth Business Birthday

I knew I’d missed writing one business birthday blog, but I hadn’t realised that I’d missed two! So, I’m not going to attempt to give a summary of the last three years. I’m not sure I can remember it all anyway!

I haven’t done any blogging since about 2020 either. Not great in my line of work or for reassuring people that I’m still here!I’ve been very busy with client work, but my health still hasn’t recovered from when I was ill.

Recovery took 16 months in the end, and I still have days when I really struggle with low energy. One of the benefits of being self-employed means I can manage that.

So, what has been happening? Well, I’ve parked the idea of working with heritage organisations, at least in the UK. They’re really struggling for funding or just staying open, and it doesn’t seem like the right time for a freelancer with no contacts to try to get into it.

Who I Want to Work With

A business birthday is a good time to reflect. And this year I’ve also turned 40, so lots to think about!

Business birthday cake

OK, this cake is for my birthday, not my business!

I’ve decided instead to look at working with companies who want to make a difference and are committed to running an ethical, inclusive and accessible business.

This is an entirely new sector for me, although I feel strongly about helping people who are helping others. I know I’ve got a lot to learn, and I want to make sure that my business is as ethical as it can be.

For the past year, I’ve been working with a charity that advocates for better pay and working conditions from homeworkers, both in the UK and South Asia. I’ve been helping with comms, admin and finance, so very different to what I usually do, but it’s been really interesting and informative.

I want to move away from helping those business owners who are already strong content creators who need repurposing support to those just getting started with blogging and online written comms.

What I’m Planning Next

I’ve created a DIY workbook for people to get the basics established. And I’m offering a 1:1 session to answer a specific question about content marketing or writing. This will evolve into monthly, ongoing content support. For the next month, I’m offering 15% off the 1:1.

I’m still offering done-for-you blogging and repurposing support at the moment, although this might morph into done-with-you in the coming year.

I took part in Lizzy Goddard’s Low Ticket Live event and have a short course on how to plan your next four blogs in less than an hour. I’m loving the low-ticket concept, and I’m keen to create more to suit people’s needs.

I’m also rediscovering my love of blogging, so keep your eyes peeled for new content. I’ll be sharing my learning journey into ethical business. I don’t have any plans to restart my podcast at the moment, but never say never! I really enjoyed doing it.

Finally, I’m launching my newsletter today! This is well overdue, I know, so I’m excited to get started at long last. I’ve got my assistant (husband) to deal with the tech, and I’ve done a lot of learning about email marketing. If you’d like to sign up, there’s a box to fill in at the bottom of this post!

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