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Plan Your Next Four Blogs in Less Than an Hour!

Plan Your Next Four Blogs in Less Than an Hour!

Come up with ideas that your audience will love, overcome writer's block and get your posts ready to write and publish - fast!

Get more confident with writing your blogs today.

Want to feel more confident with writing blogs? Looking for an easier way to do it?

Four Blog Posts Reworking

You want to increase your visibility and find new customers

And you know that blogging consistently is the key to achieving that.

The problem is:

  • You don't really enjoy it
  • It takes too long
  • You don't know what to write about
  • You don't know how the blog should look

If this sounds like you, then I've got good news:

There's a quicker and easier way, so keep on reading!

Introducing: Plan Your Next Four Blogs in Less Than an Hour

A short but comprehensive training to help you plan out your next four* blog posts and save you time for the things you enjoy.

(*or more if you're on a roll!)

With 'Plan Your Next Four Blogs' you'll be able to:

  • Quickly come up with blog topics your audience wants to hear about
  • Plan the beginning, middle and end using a simple template
  • Draft, review and polish each blog post - fast
  • Write better copy with easy to follow tips
  • Watch the video for a clear explanation of each step

And the best part? You can get it now for just £7.


Because this is a brand new training, there are no testimonials for it just now. But here's what my previous 1:1 clients have to say about my process.

"Whenever I need something turning into the written form, Gudrun is just a godsend for all that stuff. She has an uncanny knack of being able to write in my voice, and she’s taken the time to learn how to do that.

That’s really powerful, because it’s authentic, and not only that, but she’s able to write about what is a technical and regulated subject. To be able to do so in an effortless way (which I’m sure it isn’t!) is a real skill.

Thanks to her help, I’ve grown my business – increasing page views and creating written content for human readers and search engines. Gudrun has been a real asset to my business." Pete Matthew, Meaningful Money: https://meaningfulmoney.tv/

"Gudrun is an amazing writer. She’s been helping me to create blog posts to go alongside my “Twice Removed” interview series for the last few months. I was really excited to finally be able to work with her, because I’d known and admired her before she came onboard.

She doesn’t just transcribe the interviews, she pulls out key sections and juicy stories that my guests share. Plus she adds to the post with additional, supporting research on the topic.

I know no-one else does what she does in the way she does it, so it was worth waiting until the time was right for us to work together". Natalie PithersGenealogy Stories: https://genealogystories.co.uk/

You might be wondering...

How long with this take? Going through 'Plan Your Next Four Blogs' will take 35 minutes. I kept it short and sweet so you can dive straight into publishing audience-pleasing new content.

What if it takes me more than an hour? If you're new to blogging or coming back to it after a break, it might take you longer than an hour the first time you go through the process. It will get quicker the more you do it.

What do I need to plan out four blogs? A quiet space, something to note down ideas, a computer of some sort and a free hour in your diary. And a website with a blog function.

What if I don't learn anything new? I'd be really disappointed if you didn't get anything from the course at all, but if you didn't find it helpful, you can ask for a refund within 7 days of purchase.

What if I have a different question? No problem! Hit the 'contact' button below and let me know what your query is.

Why Trust Me?

I’ve been where you are – I know how hard it isWoman in blue top with blonde hair, smiling. Standing in front of green door to get started with writing content for yourself. And I’ve been learning about content marketing for the past decade, so I know what’s needed for your audience to know, like and trust you.

A published writer for 25+ years, I’ve worked for clients all over the world, writing blogs, ebooks, white papers and more, and then repurposing that content for new audiences.

I’ve worked with thought leaders who trust me with their content. I save them time, enable them reach new audiences and ensure their brand and reputation are properly represented online.

I want to support people at the other end of the business journey now; particularly those who are working to change the world.

You can write blogs that your ideal customer wants to read, and it won’t take as long as you think! Use this training to think about what your customers want, and use the template to create blogs over and over – without worrying that you don’t know how to do it!

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Ready to Plan Your Next Four (or more) Blogs?

Watch the tutorial video, do some quick planning and use the template to map out ideas for each blog post.

It's time to implement a quick, easy and repeatable blogging process to write posts your audience will actually want to read - and free up your time for other things.

It can be easy. And it can be quick — I’ll show you how.