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Time Pieces History: S3, E4: Roman Banquets

By Gudrun | Jul 29, 2020 |

  Introdution Exploring the Roman tradition of banqueting. What You’ll Hear 1:04: What banquets looked like 2:14: Entertainment and food 3:20: Sadistic shenanigans 4:05: The Vomitorium   Prefer to read instead? Click here for a transcript – no email required!

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Time Pieces History: S3, E3: Hadrian’s Wall

By Gudrun | Jul 28, 2020 |

Introduction The construction of Hadrian’s Wall and why it was significant.   What You’ll Hear 1:00: The Emperor Hadrian 2:22: Construction of the Wall 3:55: Structures along the Wall 5:25: Shrines to local gods 6:02: After Hadrian Prefer to read instead? Click here for a transcript – no email required! This episode was inspired by…

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The History Series: What Led to the Hundred Years War?

By Gudrun | Jul 27, 2020 |

Introduction The Hundred Years War was a complex beast. The most basic timelines will show that it was contested by England and France between 1337 and 1453. The reality is that swathes of Europe became involved in the long dispute and, rather than being a singular war, it was actually a period of intermittent fighting,…

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Time Pieces History: S3, E2: Roman Baths

By Gudrun | Jul 23, 2020 |

Why the Roman bathhouse was more than just a place to wash, and what they were like inside. What You’ll Hear 1:51: How the baths worked 2:18: What the bathhouse looked like 2:49: The bathing process 4:04: The role of the servant 4:36: The Roman baths in Bath Prefer to read instead? Click here for…

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Time Pieces History: S3, E1: Vindolanda Fort

By Gudrun | Jul 21, 2020 |

Introduction The Roman fort of Vindolanda on the Northern Frontier of the Empire, including what life was like for the commanding officer and his family, and the remarkable discovery of perfectly preserved tablets. What You’ll Hear 1:32: The fort of Vindolanda 2:14: The Vindolanda Tablets 2:45: How the collection was discovered 3:22: The challenges of…

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The History Series: Medieval Monarch Monikers and Nasty Nicknames

By Gudrun | Jul 20, 2020 |

Introduction If you read my blog about the Battle of Crecy, you’ll be familiar with Philip the Fair of France and King John the Blind of Bohemia. Both of these men faced Edward III, who may have been the victor on the battlefield but was no match for his adversaries when it comes to descriptive…

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The History Series: Queen Isabella of France

By Gudrun | Jul 13, 2020 |

Introduction Isabella of France, Queen of England, was a deft political player who blew the whistle on one of the biggest scandals of the 14th century and was a key actor in the outbreak of the Hundred Years War. She invaded England with a mercenary army and overthrew (and possibly murdered) her husband, allowing her…

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The History Series: Edward III and the Battle of Crécy

By Gudrun | Jul 6, 2020 |

Introduction Lasting from 1337 until 1453, England and France were the main protagonists during a series of conflicts we refer to as the Hundred Years War. The ‘war’ was significant in shaping the national character of both nations and its effects resonated all over medieval Europe. One of the most important encounters was the battle…

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Time Pieces History Project – Final Thoughts

By Gudrun | Jul 2, 2020 |

Introduction Today, I’m reflecting on the Time Pieces History Project, which finished on Tuesday. A year ago, I was wondering how to bring my passion for history into my work as a copywriter and content marketer. I wasn’t sure how to get into the industry as a writer-for-hire, because I didn’t have any connections or…

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