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How to Get Started with Blogs for Your IT Business

By Gudrun | Mar 12, 2018 |

You’re busy running your business, dealing with customers and staff, and trying to keep on top of everything. Putting time aside to write blogs is another task you can do without adding to the list. Or, you may be looking for ways to grow your business, find opportunities and win new clients, but although you’ve…

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Why You Need to Plan Your Content in Advance

By Gudrun | Mar 5, 2018 |

I’ve mentioned previously why it’s a good idea to write blogs when you’re quiet at work, but planning and creating your content in advance is another way to get organised with your marketing. You might have heard of a content calendar or an editorial calendar – this is a tool people use to plan and…

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Written Content: Where does it Fit in the Digital World?

By Gudrun | Feb 26, 2018 |

There are so many different ways to communicate online with our ideal customers that it’s hard to know where to start. We’ve all seen the statistics about video, and it would seem that written content will soon fall by the wayside. Live video is now everywhere, and even LinkedIn has added video to its platform…

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Should You ask a Copywriter to Improve Your Existing Copy?

By Gudrun | Feb 19, 2018 |

Working with a copywriter can be expensive for small businesses, especially when you’re just starting up (click here to read more about prices), or you may feel that your writing is more than good enough to be shared online. Rather than investing in a professional to craft copy, you may choose to go ahead with…

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Why You Should Take a Professional Approach to Your Copy – Part 2

By Gudrun | Feb 12, 2018 |

In the first post, we talked about why you should be professional with your copy and online communications. Here, we’ll look at some ways to achieve that.  Your blog should be like anything else in your business – something you take pride in and shows your audience that you’re an expert. Being half-hearted in your…

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Why You Should Take a Professional Approach to Your Copy – Part 1

By Gudrun | Feb 5, 2018 |

We’ve talked before about what copy is (find out more here) and how it helps to communicate your message, but to recap: “copy” is the term given to the words on the page, or more frequently now, on a screen, and originated in the world of advertising. Writing good copy means you’re clearly and simply…

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Working From Anywhere – Reflections on My First Month of Location Independence

By Gudrun | Jan 31, 2018 |

The Beginnings In April 2008, almost ten years ago, I came back to the UK from a nine month working holiday in Australia. In the second half of the trip, my then-boyfriend and I had rented a house in the suburbs of Melbourne and commuted into the city for work. We explored Victoria at the…

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Blog Writing: Will Anyone Read my Posts?

By Gudrun | Jan 29, 2018 |

You’re ready to start creating content and share it with the world, and you’ve decided that a blog is the way to go. This is a good idea, because it doesn’t require any specialist equipment or knowledge, and you can produce several at a time and save them as drafts. But if you’re new to…

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Content: What Type is Best for my Industry?

By Gudrun | Jan 22, 2018 |

If you’re new to creating and promoting content, you might be feeling overwhelmed at the thought of using unfamiliar social media platforms and tools. You may be looking at competitors and others in your industry and hoping to do the same, but you need to be doing something different, because unfortunately there isn’t one type…

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