A Little More About Me

Gudrun Profile

Having been challenged to post 90 blogs in 90 days, I thought I’d start off with something easy and tell you about myself. I’m Gudrun, I’m a copywriter and I’m currently based in the North East of England. I wanted to be a writer all my life, it just took me a little time to make it happen.

I write for successful business owners and entrepreneurs, and want to work more with thought leaders. My ambition is to be as location-independent as possible, and I’d love to be able to write for international companies, spending some time abroad to learn about the business as well as immersing myself in a new culture.

I write new website copy or polish what’s already there. I help businesses streamline and improve their internal and external communications and I can assist with writing training materials for online courses.

I also write blogs, and offer a programme of Blogs to Books, where I work with a client to plan a series of blogs which will then be turned into a book. I also ghost write business books for busy entrepreneurs.

When I’m not writing, I usually have my nose in a book, and read a wide range of fiction. I also like music biographies and historical books. I’m a keen runner and find it a great way to clear my head. I’d love to do another half marathon in the next year or so but want one a bit quieter than the Great North Run.

I’m also an enthusiastic cook and make most of my meals from scratch. I enjoy trying out new recipes and I like a challenge. Having mastered baking cakes I want to do something different and try making cheese.

I also love to travel and spent two months in Australia at the start of this year. I’ve visited India, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Norway, Germany and Spain and spend a lot of time in Belgium and France. I’d love to go back to Asia, but first I’d like to see Europe properly; top of my list is Pompeii and Herculaneum.

I hope you’ll pop back and see how my 90 Day Blog Challenge is going, and feel free to leave a comment.