Copywriting – Only About Sales Messages?

At CMA Live last month, there was a fantastic presentation by Amy Harrison on writing better for your audience so you’re communicating the value of your offering. She was talking about sales copywriting – about writing for your website and about how you help potential customers overcome their objections. That’s all good stuff and it…

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What is a Content Manager?

Content creation and marketing is time-consuming, as we know, and it’s not a top priority for many business owners. As you get busier and your small company starts to grow, or if you’re part of a large organisation with many teams, you might want to pass some or all of the responsibility to a content…

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Why You Need to Plan Your Content in Advance

I’ve mentioned previously why it’s a good idea to write blogs when you’re quiet at work, but planning and creating your content in advance is another way to get organised with your marketing. You might have heard of a content calendar or an editorial calendar – this is a tool people use to plan and…

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Blog Writing: Will Anyone Read my Posts?

will people read my blog

You’re ready to start creating content and share it with the world, and you’ve decided that a blog is the way to go. This is a good idea, because it doesn’t require any specialist equipment or knowledge, and you can produce several at a time and save them as drafts. But if you’re new to…

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Content: What Type is Best for my Industry?

types of content

If you’re new to creating and promoting content, you might be feeling overwhelmed at the thought of using unfamiliar social media platforms and tools. You may be looking at competitors and others in your industry and hoping to do the same, but you need to be doing something different, because unfortunately there isn’t one type…

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Content Marketing: What is it and How Can it Help?

writing for your reader

There are many different definitions of content marketing. The CMI (Content Marketing Institute) describe it as a ‘strategic marketing approach’ and emphasise the importance of being consistent. ‘Content’ means any material you create (blogs, vlogs, webinars, infographics) and share online. The content isn’t designed to be a sales pitch, but tells people about you and…

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