I’ve been a published writer for almost 30 years, and a self-employed copywriter for nine. I’ve done copywriting for all kinds of people. From beauty therapists, to accountants, to HR experts, to digital marketers, I’ve written pretty much any kind of copy you can think of, and I’ve loved it!

While I still do copywriting projects from time to time, my main focus now is on helping people to get better with their own writing. So, I have a three month blog coaching programme, where I give you regular feedback and help you to develop confidence and a system that works for you.

Why You Shouldn’t Ask for Copywriting Help From Me

Here are five reasons why now is not the time for us to work together:

You’re still quite new to business

If that’s the case, now is not the time to look at blogging! Spend your time finding customers, suppliers and collaborators, and your money on a business coach.

You think you can do a better job yourself, or it would be cheaper to use AI or pay someone on Fiverr to write for you

If you really think that, then you’re probably right. All of those options are certainly cheaper than I am. And you’ll get the results to match.

You want to change the goal-posts

I’ve worked with people who try to negotiate on price or services after we’ve agreed the project. I’ve had people ask if they can stand over me to watch me write. And I’ve had people completely change the brief or ask for huge changes at the end of the project. I don’t do that now.

You don’t really have the time to commit to your own copywriting

I’m happy to help you, but you need to find the time to write one blog per month! This is not piano with Mrs Jones from down the road, when you avoided practicing to do 8-year-old fun stuff instead.

You need more help than the programme provides

People who need a lot of guidance, hand-holding or reassurance will not fit in with my processes. We have a weekly check-in and a monthly call, but for the rest of the time you need to be able to work on your content in your own time.

If you need more support, my beginner’s course for online writing might be a better option.

Sometimes I’m Marmite!

We might not be a good fit if you find me too off-the-wall! I’m loud and excitable in person and I’m a bit weird – I am dressed like a Viking on my homepage! I love listening to music, quoting random films and TV shows and laughing a lot – often at myself.

I’m also left-wing, a feminist, an LGBTQIA+ ally and opposed to bigotry, hatred and most of all, injustice. When I’m asked “who would you never work with?” my answer is always “arms dealer”. So I think that gives you a flavour of what I’m like and who I don’t tend to gel with.

On the other hand, a lot of people love me, and my clients appreciate my professional approach to their copy. I work hard to over-deliver on projects, and I enjoy being able to share my knowledge and experience. My clients like the process of working with me.

When I am a Good Copywriting Fit

My clients now have the time and money to invest in themselves. They’ve been running their business for at least three years and understand the benefits of content marketing.

They’re also clear on who their target audience is, even if they don’t know what content to create for them. They want to find a way to make blogging easier and to feel like less of a chore, so they don’t keep putting it off.

Once you’re more established in business and you have the time to focus on marketing, then let’s have a chat! Or, if you’ve tried blogging and can’t be consistent but you know you should be, then I can definitely help.