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Content Repurposing

How to use Your Skills in the Content Marketing World

Working in Content Marketing Working in content marketing is a collaborative process, because you need to really understand your customer’s offerings. You get to work with small businesses or individuals to understand what it is they really want to say and help them to get that message across. If you’re good at talking new people…

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How to Make Time for MSP Content Creation

Anyone who’s self-employed finds it a challenge to do everything they need to keep their business running, and because client work takes priority, followed by admin, accounts and meetings, marketing your MSP can easily slip down the to-do list. So how do you find the time to create content? Content Calendar A content calendar is…

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How to Create More Content for Your MSP

  I’d always recommend blogging for people starting out with content marketing, because you don’t need any specialist equipment and you can get started quickly. However, lots of people don’t enjoy writing, and many prefer to consume information in other forms than written content. So, how can you offer different types of content for your…

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How to Create an SEO-Boosting Podcast Blog

Why You Should Create a Podcast Blog To really make the most of your podcast and to make Google happy, you can add a blog post alongside your transcript and summary show notes. Doing this means that for people who prefer to read rather than listen (or are unable to listen) can still benefit from…

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Content Marketing for Consultants

If you run a marketing, PR or communications consultancy, you’re probably already creating content for your business, but you may not be as consistent or strategic as you could be. Here are five reasons why it’s worth you investing time and effort into creating content. Content Shows Your Customers You Know Your Stuff This is…

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Content Marketing: What is it and How Can it Help?

writing for your reader

There are many different definitions of content marketing. The CMI (Content Marketing Institute) describe it as a ‘strategic marketing approach’ and emphasise the importance of being consistent. ‘Content’ means any material you create (blogs, vlogs, webinars, infographics) and share online. The content isn’t designed to be a sales pitch, but tells people about you and…

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How to Make the Most of Your Webinars

blog writing

Why You Should do Webinars Webinars can be used in several ways to add value to your content. Free webinars are often used by business owners to create interest in a product or service, giving some information away to encourage viewers to make a purchase. They can be used as live broadcasts to explain a…

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Content Repurposing: How it Helps B2B Companies

diary for content repurposing

I meet a lot of business owners who struggle to see the benefits of content marketing, social media and content repurposing, particularly those in more traditional industries. There’s a feeling that it’s a fad, or doesn’t apply to them, because they’ve always got clients through word of mouth. Unfortunately, you can no longer just market…

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How to Make the Most of Your Podcast

Make the most of podcasts

A podcast is fantastic for sharing valuable content with your audience. Listeners tune in on their daily commute, at the gym or when they’ve got some downtime, and they can be played at any time, for free, on a smartphone. You can record a podcast with minimal equipment, or have a slick production with theme…

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