Businesses with an online presence know that to find new customers and maintain relationships with those they already have, they need to constantly provide new, engaging content. Producing this is time consuming and it’s hard to come up with original ideas all the time. Content repurposing is a way to share a blog you’ve already written via different media or in a different style.

How Content Repurposing Works

One process goes like this: You write a 750 word blog post on a topic relevant to your business (how to find an accountant, decorating tips, taking better photos) and publish it on your website. The methods you use to repurpose will depend on which social media platforms you use, if you have products or a service-based business and if you want to include visual elements, but your blog could then become:

  • A shorter post with the 5 key facts highlighted
  • Each of these key points can be turned into a graphic (using a tool such as Canva) and then shared on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • An audio recording of you reading out your blog
  • A video recording of you reading out your blog
  • A slide presentation, uploaded to LinkedIn
  • An in-depth blog looking at one of the key points in more detail
  • Combined with other posts on a similar topic and turned into an ebook or free offering

How Repurposing Makes Marketing Easier

Content repurposingThe options are flexible and apply anywhere in your business. Content repurposing enables you to reach new audiences and helps your content to go further.

Although the starting off point is usually a blog post you’ve written (or had written for you), you can repurpose anything in any direction.

Client testimonials can be turned into:

  • Social media graphic posts
  • Audio clips
  • Video clips
  • Photos
  • Text-based social media posts with links

Writing the blog posts can take up the most time, and it’s something that many business owners struggle with. It can be more natural and a quicker process to produce a live video. It lets immediately engage with your audience.

Then, extract the audio from the video and embed it into your site. Transcribe it into a blog post, too. Thirdly, the post can be repurposed in the ways outlined above.

Content repurposing means that anything you create can continue to provide value for your business with less effort from you.

It’s also something you can outsource. Once created, drop the finished content into your social media channel or automation platform.