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Archives by: Gudrun

Need Copywriting Help? Here’s Why I Might Not be Your Best Choice

I’ve been a published writer for almost 30 years, and a self-employed copywriter for nine. I’ve done copywriting for all kinds of people. From beauty therapists, to accountants, to HR experts, to digital marketers, I’ve written pretty much any kind of copy you can think of, and I’ve loved it! While I still do copywriting projects from time to time, […]


My Eighth Business Birthday

I knew I’d missed writing one business birthday blog, but I hadn’t realised that I’d missed two! So, I’m not going to attempt to give a summary of the last three years. I’m not sure I can remember it all anyway! I haven’t done any blogging since about 2020 either. Not great in my line of work or for reassuring […]


My Fifth Business Birthday

My fifth year of business is once again being marked here in rural Brittany, France, where I’ve been with my family since March. I’m pleased with how Gudrun Lauret Copywriting is doing, but as always, I feel I could do better. Of course, while I intend to review how things have changed for me in the previous 12 months, it’s […]


Visit North East: Unit’s Standard

The Roman fort at Segedunum has an amazing collection of army uniforms and equipment, along with statues, busts and replica buildings. The legion’s standard display though, is particularly eye-catching, and I was interested to learn more about them. There isn’t a specific ‘Visit North East’ blog to accompany this post, as Segedunum was included in my Time Pieces History Project. […]


Time Pieces History: S1, E11: Pub Names

The reasons behind some of the most common pub names in Britain, and learn more about their bloody past. We delve into the stories behind names which include colours, animals, plants, equipment, heads and bells. Plus a quick look at unique pub names from around the country.   What You’ll Hear 1:07: Why pubs had signs 1:44: The original inns […]


Time Pieces History: S1, E10: Oliver Cromwell

A look at Oliver Cromwell, a divisive but significant figure in British history. We consider what made him so unpopular, his achievements in government and on the battlefield, his early life and his grisly afterlife.   What You’ll Hear 0:53: Cromwell’s early life 1:23: The start of his political career 2:05: Cromwell as army commander 3:06: The Lord Protector 3:48: […]