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How to Create Great Organic Content for Your Business

 What is Organic Content? Organic content is anything you create and share online but don’t pay to have it boosted or distributed. Your audience finds it naturally, engages with it and shares it for you. In this post, we’re looking at some examples of how you can quickly and easily create your own organic content…

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Why use a Content Marketer?

Introduction Inspired by my interview with Roger Edwards of the Marketing and Finance Podcast, I’m sharing some tips and ideas I gave to his listeners about working with a content marketer. We talked about the importance of creating and, most importantly, repurposing content for professional services businesses and entrepreneurs. As well as top tips for…

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Time Pieces History Project Item 5 – Iron

Two old-fashioned irons

First time on the blog or new to the Time Pieces History Project? Find out what it’s all about here, and then come back to this page for today’s item – the iron. The Iron – Introduction to Item Five Until relatively recently, the iron more lived up to its name! These two belonged to…

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