Rebranding and Updating

Although I’ve been a writer for 18 years, being in business as a copywriter is still quite new to me. I’ve been working with a marketing company for the last few months to plan out my offerings and areas of expertise, and spent considerable time on my avatar (ideal customer).

In the 21st century, a business needs to have a website to be taken seriously. As a consumer, I prefer to research a product or service online before I make a decision to buy. I have a serviceable website at the moment, but as part of my goals for 2016, I am having it overhauled.

The start of a new year is a great time to take stock of how your business looks. It’s important to have be consistent across your social media accounts, business cards, emails and other communication tools. To attract my avatar, I need to present the right image, so I’m excited to have some new branding to help me achieve this.

It’s also a good time to look at what’s already out there about your business, particularly if you’ve been established for a while. When you undergo a rebranding exercise, it’s easy to overlook something that doesn’t fit your new or updated values. Don’t forget to look at your services page, in case you’re advertising something you no longer offer. Dig about in your website for out of date contact details or staff information.

As I’ve said in earlier posts, I’m working hard to plan out my year for 2016, so now is a good time for me to spruce things up. I’ve seen quite a lot of discussion about business cards online, for instance, and whether they’re still needed in the age of Twitter and connecting via LinkedIn. I think they are worth investing in if they can help you stand out, and that’s what I hope mine do.

Look out for my new and improved site, which will be happening in the next few weeks. I won’t be offline, or not for long, so it shouldn’t cause any problems, and I’ll be adding more information about new products and services.

I’d love your feedback on it, and also to hear what you’ve done or are thinking about to rebrand or update your business in 2016. I think this is going to be a good year for all of us!

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