Today is my 90th and final blog! It’s been an interesting experience and it’s very satisfying to have done it. Sometimes it was difficult to come up with a topic, but I have to be honest and say I planned out as much as I could in advance.

I also decided to include parts of my everyday life, to make things easier. So I included posts about cooking both my favourite dishes and new recipes I tried out. I read a lot of business books and reviewed those, as well as some books for pleasure. I had a lot of events over the three (and a bit) months I was completing the challenge, so I wrote about those too.

I was careful to schedule posts for days when I was on holiday or away from home and so unable to post directly. I was also quite lucky that my challenge covered the Christmas period. I did a lot of cooking in preparation for the festive season, but I’m always trying out new recipes, which I’ve enjoyed documenting and sharing.

There were some blog posts I meant to write but didn’t, because I didn’t finish the book in time to include it, or because events overtook me and I didn’t have time. On a couple of occasions, the posts I’d intended to share weren’t ready, so I had to write something new at the last minute. Although not ideal, it did show me that as a professional writer I can create good copy to a short deadline and come up with an idea at short notice.

I also should have shared the blogs more on social media. I’m not sure if I would attempt the challenge again, but I have a lot of useful posts which I can build upon and re-post. I’ve also got a lot of ideas for topics in the new year, which means that I can keep my blog active.