If you’re new to creating and promoting content, you might be feeling overwhelmed at the thought of using unfamiliar social media platforms and tools.

You may be looking at competitors and others in your industry and hoping to do the same, but you need to be doing something different, because unfortunately there isn’t one type of content that’s good for one industry that wouldn’t work for another.

Understanding Why You Create Content

The main reason for this is because you’re not producing content for your competitors and peers, and you’re not creating it for yourself either. Like every other type of marketing, your focus is on the needs and preferences of your audience.types of content

People consume content when they’re on the move, while they’re watching TV, doing housework or during a work break, so they need to have several options when they come to you for information, preferably in small chunks (you may have heard the term ‘snackable’).

However, if you’re clear on your avatar (ideal customer), you may know that they really enjoy long blogs, for example, or how-to videos, so you can make this your main delivery method.

How to Make Content Creation Easy

Just create something else as well – make an audio or video version of a blog, create some graphics, for instance. Your audience will still get value from whatever you put out, it helps you stand out from the competition, and more importantly, it helps you reach new audiences. You can’t know who else will find your other types of content, and they will either be potential customers, or will share it with people who are.

Make a decision to create a percentage of your total output in a different format, to share on a social media platform that you know your audience uses. A little bit of research will tell you which these are, or just ask your customers directly.

To make things easier and save yourself time, get into the habit of repurposing new content and then you don’t have to worry about creating something new. Have a process to follow each time you produce material so you know where else you can share it. See this as a positive and a good way to grow your audience and your business.

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