You might find yourself asking this question at least once. A copywriter is often associated with advertising agencies, with Don Draper types crafting killer campaigns for global brands. It can be hard to see how this can fit in with your small business.

However, it’s better to think of it just as “writing”, and there are all sorts of situations where you need to produce words. Of course, you may feel that you don’t need to use a professional to do the writing for you. Here are five reasons why a copywriter is a good idea.

Why Work with a Copywriter?

A coherent overall look: When you first set up your business, you wouldn’t hesitate to use the services of a web developer and a designer to create your logo and branding. But having a slick website isn’t much use if the content is full of typos, rambling sentences and too much (or too little) information. A copywriter ensures that doesn’t happen.

You’ve run out of ideas: You’ve written an “About” page so your customers know who you are, you’ve got keyword-rich product descriptions and some blog posts about the latest company news and hires. Now what? A copywriter can work with you to develop blog posts which will give your clients valuable information and keep them coming back to you.

Work with a copywriterBeing clear and concise: When you know your company and offering inside out, it can be hard to explain what it is you do in a straightforward, easy to understand way. Sometimes you can be too close to your subject and forget that not everyone is as familiar with it as you are. Ask someone from outside the business to write for the customers and think about the questions they may need answering.

Writing for a different purpose: Perhaps you write a lot for experts in your field, or a lot of marketing copy. While you do this well, you may not feel as confident to write in a different style for a new audience. A copywriter can do this for you, while ensuring it’s authentic to your voice. Or maybe you’ve just had enough of writing!

Not enough time: My favourite reason and the one I hear the most. A lot of people have to do everything in and around their business themselves, meaning they haven’t got time to do everything. Writing blog posts or updates can be time-consuming and not particularly enjoyable. Giving the responsibility to someone else means that the posts will get written and you can do something more interesting.

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