For Day 4 of the blog challenge, we’ve been asked to identify our superpower (or superpowers), things that we’re good at. This is an incredibly valuable exercise that I would recommend to anyone, particularly if you want to be inspired to make a change. The first time I did this, when I was unhappy about my working life, my single answer was writing, which I’m aware might sound a bit sad! I have since repeated the process and identified topics that I’m really interested in: running, cooking, history, travel. So if anyone can think of how I can make that a niche, let me know!

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 4

Superpower 1: Writing

Sweet spot diagram

Sweet spot

This feels like cheating, but the reason I chose to focus solely on copywriting for my business is because it’s what I know I’m good at and I enjoy it too. I always wanted to be writer, even when I was small, and everyone around me encouraged this. I’m fascinated by words, where they came from and their etymology, and I carry a notebook and my Kindle (so I can read fiction or non-fiction as the mood takes me). What I’m good at is taking the raw information that people give me and crafting their message so they can share it with the world. I know that good copy is always in high demand, so I’m fortunate to really love what I do and for it to be needed and appreciated.

Superpower 2: Talking

My friends and family would probably disagree here, as they’ve been subjected to years of me talking constantly, a little louder than necessary, and about anything that crosses my mind! The reason I think this is a superpower is because I’m comfortable in new situations, I happily talk to strangers and can fill in awkward silences. I’m naturally curious, so I ask lots of questions and learn new things all the time. I hope this encourages others to open up and chat back to me. As a writer, I also need to be able to ask the right questions to get the best information about a person, their business and their goals so I can explain it for them and stay true to their voice.

Superpower 3: Cooking

My presentation skills are somewhat lacking, so I’d never make a professional chef, but I love cooking and I enjoy trying new recipes and figuring out how to recreate something at home that I’ve tried in a restaurant. I find cooking relaxing and therapeutic and I like to make food for others – there’s nothing nicer than lingering over the dinner table, chatting and sipping wine when you should have moved to the comfier sofas two hours ago! Everyone enjoys my cooking, so I know I must be good at it. Plus, I have a condition called anosmia, which means I have no sense of smell. I’ve yet to burn the dinner or give anyone food poisoning, and I’ve mastered “season to taste”!

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