Being a copywriter means that I generally work from home, but I often find myself at a client’s office or out and about at a networking event or travelling to and from a business meeting. Since I became self-employed I have become a bit obsessed with my smart phone and helpful apps.

I have my personal and business emails set up to come through on different mail servers, and in the past I’ve used task-sharing programmes such as Asana to keep on top of work for clients. Having access to my mail like this means that I never miss an important communication. I am also able to respond immediately, rather than waiting until I get back to my office, giving the important impression of professionalism.

Alongside my email, I have a host of apps, some of which, if I’m honest, are more useful than others. I have app versions of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, meaning that I can update my profile on the move (I really should do this more!) as well as Hootsuite to schedule posts. I also have a work flow system to share work with a client and other colleagues, which I find great.

I have also got the app version of WordPress on my phone, which allows me to draft a post, make amendments and reply to comments, which is great.

As I’m self-employed, I find it really useful to have constant access to my bank account, so I can make sure I’ve been paid and my direct debits have been covered.

Dropbox have an app too, which means I can check documents if I need to access them. I also have a time tracker to log hours worked, although I haven’t used it yet! I am always on the lookout for app recommendations and would love suggestions for other things that make life easier. In the New Year I’ll be hoping to find a list of the best new apps to try.