In the final post in this series, we look at what to do in the last two weeks leading up to publishing your book, the day itself and afterwards.

Book Signings

In the final fortnight, see if you can arrange book signings in your local area. The best bet is an independent book seller, who chooses their own stock (including self publishing works) and has loyal customers who could be interested in your book if you pitch it right.

Chain bookshops generally have their stock chosen centrally, so your local branch may not be able to get your book in, but you could think about holding an event there anyway, although you’ll be responsible for bringing people in and getting the media shelf, self publishing

Some libraries are more engaged with their communities than others, but they are generally keen to support local writers, and have a room available for a signing. They also allow members to request books that aren’t on the shelves, so create demand by getting as many people as you can to go in and ask for it.

Launch Parties after Publishing Your Book

Of course, signings are a lot trickier if you don’t have a physical book, but you can still hold a launch party. Many libraries now loan out eBooks, so you could still consider them as venues.

Take inspiration from places you’ve used in your novel, and host the event somewhere different, that if possible relates to a location – a stately home, a tearoom, even a field if it’s nice weather. Or if it’s a business book, a smart hotel, conference room in a serviced office, or a wine bar.

Make it themed, and have something physical for the attendees – gift bags, prints of the cover art or a booklet or guide connected to the subject. See what feels right for you.

Publication Day

Promote your book as much as you can. Use social media to advertise retail links and offers – signed copies, more freebies and so on. If you’ve had any media coverage, think about publishing this again online. You may also choose to have a signing or launch event on the actual day.

After Publishing

Keep an eye on sales over the month after the book publication, and consider doing a special offer with a reduced rate to boost sales and raise your profile. Make sure you reduce the price on all the retail sites you’re using. Some sellers have paid promotions you can enter which makes your book a featured book on their email list.

A social media campaign can generate publicity, increase sales and bump your book up the charts, leading to greater downloads. Again, offer freebies or signed copies of your book.

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