I need a tribe!

This is the topic I’ve been looking forward to, because I know I need to spend time virtually or face to face with like-minded people and create a tribe. I’m lucky that my parents & husband are fully supportive of my goal for a freedom business, but because they’re not immersed in this world they don’t quite get it.

I participate in a great online and offline networking community in the local area and get lots of encouragement, but although some of them want to have global reach, they’re not packing their Mac and passport to do so. I frequently complain that I don’t meet enough people who think the way I do, so if anyone wants to be in my tribe, let me know!

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 6

Inspiration and Mentors

I’m going to cheat slightly here and start with Natalie Sisson as an inspiration! I read her Suitcase Entrepreneur book 14 months ago and was hugely impressed not just that she’d created a business that was portable, but that she manages to work in airports and on the go & makes a success of it. What I particularly like about Natalie is that’s she’s very open and transparent and shares things that not everyone else does. Her podcasts are great because she’s so interested in her guests and gets excited by their stories.

At this point I should make a disclaimer: I actually met Natalie in June this year when I participated in a mastermind she ran in London. I met some amazing people with exciting business ideas, so maybe I should try to make them my tribe?! I’m hoping to attend a retreat next year, so my question would be: What can I do with my business to make it more automated and generating passive income by 2019?

I can’t think of anyone who does what I want to do, although there are plenty of writers who travel (not travel writers!), I just don’t know who they are! I’ll add finding them to my to-do list! However, I have spent

many hours online reading travel blogs, guides to finding work, living costs from country to country and getting increasingly itchy feet. One writer whose content I’ve enjoyed is Wandering Earl (Derek Baron) who’s been on the road since 1999. He shares his experiences honestly and engagingly and I’m in awe that he’s kept going for so long!

So two questions for Earl: What are your top three tools for travelling successfully and maintaining your online presence? What are the three best jobs/types of work for travellers that aren’t fruit picking or teaching English?

I’d love to hear about location-independent copywriters and I’ll try not to get too jealous! Also taking tribe applications now…