Content Marketing for Consultants

Content marketing for consultants

If you run a marketing, PR or communications consultancy, you’re probably already creating content for your business, but you may not be as consistent or strategic as you could be. Here are five reasons why it’s worth you investing time and effort into creating content.

Content Shows Your Customers You Know Your Stuff

This is probably obvious, but if you want to help clients to promote and grow their business online communications, you need to be able to demonstrate what you can do in action. If you’re regularly putting out good-quality, fresh content, it will attract your ideal customers, educate them in what you can do for them and help them get to know more about your business.

When you share your content across social media platforms and you’re using a range of mediums to communicate your message, it helps customers understand what might work for them, and it’s a real-life example of how to build engagement and drive traffic back to a website.

It Raises Your Profile

Following on from point one, having content everywhere your potential clients are hanging out increases the chances of them seeing it and becoming followers – and ideally fans – of what you do.

So long as you’re giving value and providing information you know your audience is interested in, they’ll keep coming back to you. What’s more, they’ll want to share that value with their own followers, which means your post could be seen by someone you’d never have reached on your own.

Learn First Hand About Potential Problems

Once you’re comfortable with content creation, the different types you can produce (e.g. video, blog, graphic) and the tools to create, schedule and share what you have, you’ll know what might be difficult for your clients to get to grips with.

You’ll also be able to deal with their objections, too. You appreciate the stumbling blocks to putting together weekly blogs or editing your own video, so you can help to overcome them. You can also point to your own statistics to illustrate how it helps to use a particular type of content or platform.

Helps You Stay Ahead of the Latest Trends

The digital world changes fast and there are new trends in content marketing, tools and platforms all the time. When you’re working in the communications industry, it’s vital that you know what’s coming next, so you can utilise it for your own business, but also for your clients.

You’ll also have a better idea of what’s a fad, and what could make a real difference to your client’s business. When a new tool comes out, there’s a temptation to abandon an existing marketing strategy and use the latest gadget instead, but if you can test and assess it yourself, you can support your client to effectively integrate it – if it’s right for them.types of content

Content Brings New Opportunities

Apart from attracting new visitors to your site who will hopefully convert into recurring customers, keeping your content output up to date can also bring other opportunities for you and your business.

If you’re regularly repurposing your content, you’ll already be thinking about turning blogs into ebooks or the basis for a full-length business book. You’ll be using your podcast to get in front of your guests’ audiences, which could lead to sponsorship.

The more visible you are, and the greater your reach, the more likely it is that you’re offered something you’ve never considered. A self-published book could lead to interest from mainstream publishers (that does still happen!) or a feature in a magazine.

You may be invited to speak at an event, or asked to create an online course from some of your webinars, which could become a recurring income stream which requires only occasional updates from you to keep it topical. And all of this also raises your profile more with your clients, increasing their confidence in you.

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