A Dating App for Recruitment

It’s been a few years since I’ve been to a job interview, and I don’t know how I’d feel if I had to do one now. Early interviews were me and one other person, and then in later years, the norm seemed to be have a panel, which was always a little intimidating.

From people I’ve spoken to, they’re often more involved these days, with tests and presentations. A snippet in People Management magazine though, says that finding staff should be “more like dating”, because, just as looking for a partner means finding someone who shares your values, that’s what employers look for in their potential staff.

A multinational management consultancy, Capco, has apparently been using a tool to recruit staff which is based on dating apps. Mimicking those algorithms and personality surveys, the new software can assess the likelihood of a candidate staying in a role. The questions are adapted from dating site tests.

Capco says that this has proved successful and the candidates actually enjoyed it too. Based on the initial responses, interviewers were then able to ask more targeted questions, with the intention of significantly shortening the interview process.

It’s an interesting idea, and one that people are probably quite comfortable with, as we’re used to psychometric testing for recruitment and because dating sites and apps are more prevalent.

Certainly, the notion of attending an interview to be asked to explain how you coped with a difficult situation and to say your worst quality is being a perfectionist is outdated and a poor way to learn about someone.

While I hope to never have to attend a job interview again, I think this is a preferable way to find people. And you never know, if I ever expand my business I may get to experience it from the other side of the desk!