Why You Should do Webinars

Webinars can be used in several ways to add value to your content. Free webinars are often used by business owners to create interest in a product or service, giving some information away to encourage viewers to make a purchase.

They can be used as live broadcasts to explain a topic to a large group of people, with questions submitted in real time via the chat box, and a recording made available later.

Webinars are also immensely useful in delivering course materials and workshops, either broadcast live or pre-recorded. If you’re knowledgeable on a subject that you think is worth sharing over multiple webinars (recordings), you can reach a bigger audience for less effort than if you presented the material face to face.

What to do with Old Webinars

Make the most of webinarsCreate a video course that people pay for, and offer live sessions for them to ask questions. These are an ideal source of blog topic ideas. Include worksheets or workbooks, checklists and resource guides – some of these can also be used as lead magnets and freebies.

If you want to resell the course, you don’t have to include all the best content. If you did a live webinar, be sure to capture any questions that were asked at the time, and include a detailed answer. Then repurpose the blogs in the usual ways – graphics, Tweetables etc.

[ctt template=”3″ link=”Mzap6″ via=”no” ]Make a note of questions asked in live webinars, so you can answer them fully for future viewers.[/ctt]

As with podcasts, get a full transcript of the audio (it’s quite straightforward to separate the audio from the visuals). A one hour recording should give you enough material for four blog posts – add an introduction to explain that there is a whole series, and conclude with a reference to the next blog, which will continue the discussion.

You can easily create slides to share online, especially if you used them in the original webinars. Have a couple of points per slide, and don’t forget to include contact details. You can also turn the webinar transcripts into a book, which is a great way to increase your crediblity.

If you need help with your webinars, I can help.