Day two of the blog challenge is the answer to Natalie’s question: “why do I want to live the freedom lifestyle?”

As she says, the reason can’t be just because it sounds cool or as an escape from your current situation – we all know that trying to run away from problems doesn’t make them go away, although when things are hard it can seem like a good a solution as any.

Why DO I want a Freedom Lifestyle?

Simply, I want to choose where and how I spend my days. I’ve always struggled with traditional office hours and having to be in the same place every day for 40 years. I often found that, although I was at work, I wasn’t actually doing anything, because I’d completed my allotted tasks and there wasn’t any more for me to do. I feel much more productive if I’ve started my day with a run or some sort of exercise, to energise me and get my cogs turning. I’m also happy working later if it means I can do more earlier on.

I’ve got a collection of lyrics and quotes from books about why it’s preferable to be in charge of your own life, and I think about these often while I work towards being location independent. I want to see the world and learn new things.

My “why”

I listened to the podcast about Simon Sinek’s “Start with why” when it was first broadcast, and I found it really interesting. Now I’ve made writing my career, I know why I do what I do – I love words, and I love helping people to express their inner passion and enthusiasm for what they do by finding the words to describe that. I like starting with a blank page and composing a piece of text which sums up exactly what someone wanted to say but couldn’t – even after 20 years it feels like magic when the words appear. It makes me feel fulfilled and I hope it makes other people to feel that too.

How could my “why” help others?

The other part of the question was about whether your why could help others, rather than it just being about the perks for you of having freedom to do what you want. My ideal client would be a high-impact entrepreneur; someone who is working to change the world or make a difference in a community, area or industry. Having the freedom to work from anywhere means that I’d be able to take up an opportunity to work “on location” with the client and help them to communicate their message more clearly. I don’t want to miss out on making a small contribution to a big change by being tied to where I am now.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 2 []