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You want to showcase your subject knowledge

Why You Need Them

If you’re a specialist in your field, you’ll want to demonstrate that. A well-researched white paper, that clearly explains a topic, and with the latest data and sources included, is the perfect way to show you know your stuff.

What You Get

A ready to use white paper. We’ll agree the subject and word length together, and if you’ve got your own source material, I can use that. You can also signpost me to other sites and organisations.

I’ll create the white paper and use your preferred citation style, and you can add any diagrams or illustrations as appropriate. You will own the copyright and can use the white paper as a lead magnet, article submission or training material.


As a busy trainer, I rely on in-depth case studies and white papers to hand out to delegates, but don’t always have time to produce these myself. Gudrun is able to take the notes I supply, carry out research and write up the findings into a clear, detailed guide I can use as supporting course material.

Dave Algeo, Stressed Guru