You want to make sure your heritage site is error-free, accessible and readable for all

Why You Need it

Your website is often the first point of contact for people looking to learn more about your heritage site. You want it to show off your most interesting artefacts, to tell people about its history and encourage them to visit.

However, if the content has been written by a historian or curator, it may not be accessible or easy to understand for the average visitor. It may not focus on what matters most to people who want to look round.

The web copy may also include typos or awkward sentences that were overlooked when the site was set up. If you’re an international venue and you’ve had your text translated into English, it’s a good idea to get a native speaker to check it over.

What You Get

A review of your website home, blog and about pages to check for typos, readability, clarity and any other errors. The review will highlight the key messages you should be communicating to visitors, and help you make the most of your venue’s unique attractions.