The story behind the failed Gunpowder Plot, and how we remember it today. We also look at the challenges King James VI and I faced when he came to the throne and what else the Jacobean era is famous for.


What You’ll Hear

  • 0:42: The background to the Plot
  • 1:32: What was the reason for the Plot?
  • 2:38: Why the Gunpowder Plot failed
  • 3:16: How we commemorate the Plot, and the story of the ‘guy’
  • 4:00: The further disruptions that James faced


Prefer to read? Click here for the transcript – no email required! This episode was inspired by a blog about Bessie Surtees House, a Jacobean building in Newcastle upon Tyne. A reference to the Gunpowder Plot was made in the post.