In this episode, we look at Raymond Briggs’ Fungus the Bogeyman, the hobgoblins that inspired the legend, the real ‘buggy men’ and Fungus’ gruesome counterparts from around the world.


What You’ll Hear

  • 0:50: Raymond Brigg’s bogeyman – FungusA sharp-fingered, yellow-eyed bogeyman in a doorway
  • 2:08: The origins of the bogeyman
  • 2:55: Characteristics of the bogeyman
  • 3:18: The ‘buggy men’
  • 3:38: The Sack Man
  • 3:56: The ‘Old Man with the Bag’


Prefer to read? Click here for the transcript – no email required! This episode was inspired by a blog about Fungus the Bogeyman.