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what to do in Newcastle

Visit North East: Shipley Art Gallery

The Shipley Art Gallery is a large, imposing sandstone-coloured building, which sits by itself on a main street – Prince Consort Road, named in honour of Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert. Over the road from the gallery is the town library, and beyond that the leisure centre. The gallery has a large entranceway and two statues loom down from the […]


Visit North East: Merz Barn Wall

The Merz Barn Wall Artist Kurt Schwitters began the Merz Barn Wall in Ambleside in 1947, working in a building on the Cylinders Estate belonging to architect Harry Pierce. He met Pierce earlier in the year when he was commissioned to paint his portrait. Pierce gave Schwitters the use of the barn for £1 per week. Schwitters developed ‘sculptural environments’ […]


Visit North East: Hatton Gallery

The Hatton Gallery is a two-minute walk from the Great North Museum, and there’s a handy signpost to show you the way. If you didn’t know the gallery was within the Newcastle University campus, you could easily miss it altogether. However, it’s opposite the Northern Stage, which is quite noticeable. The History of the University Buildings The Hatton Gallery sits […]


Visit North East: Etruscan Pottery

The Great North Museum has so many fascinating artefacts that it’s hard to choose one. I was tempted to pick something from their extensive Roman collection, which includes a replica Hadrian’s Wall and tombstones amongst other things, but I resisted. Instead, I’ve chosen this vase from their collection of Etruscan pottery. I like it because it represents the broad outlook […]


Visit North East: Great North Museum

The Great North Museum, previously known as the Hancock, sits on a small hill at the Haymarket at the top end of Newcastle. When I was a child, the Hancock seemed like a ‘proper’ museum – we had to pay to visit, and it had an old-fashioned feel to it. I distinctly remember a school trip to see the dinosaur […]


Visit North East: The Town Hutch

The Discovery Museum has so many brilliant artefacts that it’s almost impossible to single one out. However, the museum helped me out, as they’ve chosen their own ‘Top 10’ to highlight, so I’ve picked number two, the town hutch to look at here. The Town Hutch The hutch is a large oak box, bound with iron and made in the […]


Visit North East: Laing Art Gallery

In the north east of England, we’re really spoilt when it comes to places to visit to learn more about our rich heritage, so I decided to produce a series on just some of the sites I recommend. The weather isn’t great at the moment, and a lot of stately homes are closed over winter, so to start off, I’m […]