Why You Need to Plan Your Content in Advance

I’ve mentioned previously why it’s a good idea to write blogs when you’re quiet at work, but planning and creating your content in advance is another way to get organised with your marketing. You might have heard of a content calendar or an editorial calendar – this is a tool people use to plan and…

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Content: What Type is Best for my Industry?

If you’re new to creating and promoting content, you might be feeling overwhelmed at the thought of using unfamiliar social media platforms and tools. You may be looking at competitors and others in your industry and hoping to do the same, but you need to be doing something different, because unfortunately there isn’t one type…

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Friday Video: Vlogs and Interviews I’ve Enjoyed This Week

My Services are Different

I’m planning to start creating my own video series in 2018. I’ve got the equipment to get started, and I’m compiling a list of topics. In the meantime, I’m taking inspiration from some of the many excellent video creators and marketers out there, and learning a lot about their businesses as well. I’ve curated three…

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