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How to Improve Your Podcast Transcripts

Why You use Podcast Transcripts Podcast transcripts are written versions of the monologue or conversation published in audio format. A transcript is intended as a faithful record of what was discussed, but should be edited for clarity. Some people prefer to read their content or can’t listen, so a transcript should convey the same value as the audio version. Listen […]


Why You Should be Careful with Speech to Text Tools

People don’t like to write. They can’t find the time or the enthusiasm.  Or they feel that what they produce is stilted, formal and doesn’t capture their authentic voice. It’s no wonder, then, that people are using speech to text tools to make blogging easier. There are definite advantages to dictating your thoughts and having the words magically appear on […]


Why Not to use Cheap Transcription Services

Podcasts, webinars and video shows are increasingly popular, and an excellent way to find new audiences. They can also be time-consuming, as there’s a lot of pre- and post-work to be done, and expensive if you pay someone to edit the show before it’s published. There’s also a lot of valuable information that can and should be reused, but you […]


How to Write a Blog… Without Writing

“Writing a blog without writing” probably sounds like a dream come true, or an impossibility. But there are a couple of ways you can create blogs with minimal writing. I know from conversations how many people hate the whole process of creating a blog – setting up a text document, creating headings, coming up with a title, finding an image, […]