You want to focus on podcast quality and finding guests

Why You Need Them

Your podcast deserves great show notes so people can find out more about your guest, scan a list of the highlights or read a blog post about the topics you cover.

When your priorities are sourcing guests, recording, editing, publishing and marketing your podcast, show notes tend to fall by the wayside. Send me the raw audio file and I’ll produce the show notes, speeding up your turnaround time and helping you publish faster.

What You Get

Show notes in your preferred format. These can be basic, summary style notes or bullet point lists of key points.

To really enhance your podcast, the premium option includes a full transript of the show, proofed, edited and polished, a summary of the guest and a blog post

To maximise the value of your content, I also create blogs, articles, lead magnets and ebooks. These can be used as freebies or sold to customers.

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I'm a successful blogger in the IT industry,  writing for over 15 years. Gudrun has helped me to revisit my most popular content and repurpose it in ways I'd never even considered.

She has been amazing at taking my podcast interviews and turning them into compelling blog posts. Rather than just plain transcripts, Gudrun has turned the interviews into valuable resources that my listeners appreciate downloading.

Richard Tubb, The IT Business Growth Expert