The Time Pieces History Podcast

The Time Pieces History Podcast was inspired by my blog project, which explored 100 items of interest to me.

The episodes are less than 10 minutes long, and each 12 episode season is structured around a theme. There are also interviews and bonus episodes giving advice on how to use the online space to promote heritage organisations.

You can listen to a selection of my podcasts below or click here to get the full list.

Marketing Tips for Heritage Sites After Lockdown

1:57: Help people reclaim what they’ve missed3:18: What about parents?4:36: Important things to think about in your planning5:30: 3D virtual tours s6:20: Live demonstrations7:05: Re-enactment societies8:36: Have a party!

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Marketing Tips for Heritage Sites During Lockdown

A selection of ideas for marketing your heritage organisation during the COVID19 lockdown. 1:40: Behind the scenes tours and #museumathome 3:32: Blogs about your artefacts 4:20: Share items from your collection in #curatorbattle 5:26: How did people entertain themselves in the past? 5:55: User-generated content 7:57: Build relationships with other local sites 10:10: International Days

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Shakespeare Author Conspiracy

1:00: What we know about William Shakespeare 1:57: Why he may not have written the plays that bear his name 2:19: Potential real authors of the plays 3:20: The women who may have written his plays 4:03: The ‘evidence’ that proves the theory

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