The Time Pieces History Podcast

The Time Pieces History Podcast was inspired by my blog project, which explored 100 items of interest to me.

The episodes are less than 10 minutes long, and each 12 episode season is structured around a theme. There are also interviews and bonus episodes giving advice on how to use the online space to promote heritage organisations.

You can listen to a selection of my podcasts below or click here to get the full list.


What you’ll hear:1:15: The history of the Summerhill2:00: The Stella Hall Estate3:10: Joseph Cowen Sr4:08: Joseph Cowen Jr5:01:The Path Head Water Mill

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Penshaw Monument

What you’ll hear: 0:45: Penshaw Monument 1:59: Radical Jack 2:16: The Lambton Worm 4:09: Follies

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Felling Pit

What you’ll hear: 0:58: The mining industry in the north of England 1:49: The Felling Colliery 2:23: The pit disaster 2:55: The four-poster bed memorial 4:15: The mystery of who’s in the grave

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