You want to make sure your content is as good as it can be

Why You Need it

It's not easy to review and critique your own work. You're too familiar with the subject and you've spent ages trying to get it right, but now you've reached the point where you can't be objective.

What You Get

An in-depth review of a piece of written content. I'll check it over for typos, grammatical errors, words used incorrectly and any repetition or waffle.

I’ll also look to see if what you've written is fit for purpose - does it help your customer feel like you can solve their problems or are you talking too much about yourself? Will it persuade them to buy from you?



We employed Gudrun to proofread and polish up the band bio page, and to check over our press releases. A lot of bookers and gig venues use English, so we wanted to make sure we'd got it right.  Having our copy reviewed and improved gives us a much better chance of being booked.

Nordmann (Belgian jazz/rock band)