You want to reuse valuable webinar & podcast content

Why You Need It

You’ve built your audience and upped your content game with a podcast or video show, or you’re offering exclusive webinars. You’ve featured industry experts, shared your knowledge and given your audience a ton of value, but you know you could do more with it.

What You Get

I’ll transcribe the audio of your podcast or webinar into a series of blog posts, with the best bits pulled out and polished. I’ll add intros and conclusions, and you’ll have blog posts ready to share wherever you like, saving you hours of trying to write up the audio yourself.

These can also be turned into ebooks, or we can create additional resources and lead magnets from the content.


Gudrun was able to 'unlock' a great lead generation potential for my business by transcribing a number of video interviews and fast-tracking the creation of a professional ebook.
The content repurposing services delivered by Gudrun was excellent, from the initial meeting to the delivery of the transcription, everything was undertaken with great attention to details and to what was needed.