Time Pieces History: S2, E1: Bridges Across the Tyne


In this episode, we look at the first ever bridge across the River Tyne, the seven bridges that span it today, and the history of the Tyne Bridge. And which came first – the Tyne Bridge or the Sydney Harbour Bridge?

What You’ll Hear

  • 2:04: The first bridge across the River Tyne
  • 2:37: The people who made their living on the riverbanks
  • 3:30: The seven bridges that span the river
  • 4:56: Is the Sydney Harbour Bridge copied from the Tyne Bridge?

Prefer to read? Click here for the transcript – no email required! This episode was inspired by my blog posts about the Tyne Bridge and the Town Hutch from Newcastle’s Guildhall. You can also find out more about the Discovery Museum, which is where the Hutch is currently displayed, here, and more about the Tyne Bridge here.

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