Time Pieces History: S2, B2: An Interview with May King Tsang


In this episode, I speak to May King Tsang, FOMO creator and tea ceremony expert about what she does and how it works in any industry.

What You’ll Hear

  • 1:11: Who is May King Tsang?
  • 3:15: How FOMO creation can work in any industry
  • 5:15: The similarity between FOMO creation and content marketing
  • 7:45: May King’s tea business
  • 12:08: The Chinese tea ceremony
  • 18:10 Bringing Western and Chinese cultures together
  • 19:38: Why there’s a time and place for every kind of tea
  • 20:48: Which famous women May King would like to meet

Prefer to read instead? Click here for a transcript – no email required! Find out more about May King by searching for MayKing Tea across social media, or subscribe to her FOMO Creator YouTube channel here. You can also learn more about Empress Wu here.

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  1. Thank you so much for inviting me to talk to your listeners about creating #FOMO and how bridging the gap between Social Media and PR is really useful for any business and for any industry.

    • Gudrun on at

      Thank you for coming on! I learned lots about Chinese tea traditions and how they’ve influenced other cultures.

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