Time Pieces History: S2, E5: Alnwick Castle


The story of Alnwick Castle in Northumberland, and why it’s so important; the Garden and its Poison Garden, the Percy family, and the hero knight, Harry Hotspur.

What You’ll Hear

  • 2:15: The origins of the Castle
  • 2:46: The Barbican
  • 3:50: The Percys’ return to Alnwick
  • 4:07: The Alnwick Garden
  • 5:02: Who are the Percys?
  • 6:31: Harry Hotspur

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This episode was inspired by a blog I wrote for my Time Pieces History Podcast on Warkworth Castle. You can find out more about Alnwick Castle here and Alnwick Garden here.

In the episode, I refer to:

  • Podcast episode four, from season one (motte & bailey castles)
  • Podcast episode five, from season one (Queen Elizabeth I)
  • Podcast episode 10, from season one (Oliver Cromwell)

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