Time Pieces History: S2, B3: An Interview with Natalie Pithers


In this bonus episode, I talk to Natalie Pithers about genealogy and how she got into the world of family history.

What You’ll Hear

  • 0:47: What Natalie does
  • 1:25: How Natalie got into genealogy
  • 2:55: Curious coincidences
  • 4:38: Why people are interested in genealogy
  • 6:00: One of the most interesting stories Natalie’s uncovered
  • 15:34: Everyday people
  • 17:30: Misconceptions about genealogy
  • 24:07: Which person from history Natalie would like to meet
  • 26:10: How we commemorate people

Prefer to read instead? Click here for a transcript – no email required! I mentioned Earl Grey, who appeared in episode two of season two of the podcast, and also in a blog in my Time Pieces History Project.

You can find Natalie on Twitter: @geneastories or visit her website to learn more about what she does.

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