At some point, lockdown restrictions will be eased, and you’ll need to get visitors through your doors. Here are some ideas for marketing yourself after the COVID19 pandemic, many of which can also be included in your long-term strategy.

What You’ll Hear

  • 1:57: Help people reclaim what they’ve missed 
  • 3:18: What about parents?
  • 4:36: Important things to think about in your planning
  • 5:30: 3D virtual tours
  • 6:20: Live demonstrations
  • 7:05: Re-enactment societies
  • 8:36: Have a party!

Tuesday’s podcast, with tips for heritage sites to market themselves during lockdown can be found here. If you’d prefer to read this episode, you can get the transcript here – no email address required. I also have a useful guide on content marketing for heritage sites – email address required for that one.

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