Time Pieces History: S1, B1: Marketing Ideas for Heritage Sites During Lockdown

Just because your heritage site is closed to the public during lockdown doesn’t mean that you can’t market yourself to stay top of mind with visitors. Here are 11 ideas you can try for your site today.

What You’ll Hear

  • 1:40: Behind the scenes tours and #museumathomecontent repurposing
  • 3:32: Blogs about your artefacts
  • 4:20: Share items from your collection in #curatorbattle
  • 5:26: How did people entertain themselves in the past?
  • 5:55: User-generated content
  • 7:57: Build relationships with other local sites
  • 10:10: International Days

The blog with tips for heritage sites to support local businesses can be found here. If you’d prefer to read this episode, you can get the transcript here – no email address required. I also have a useful guide on content marketing for heritage sites – email address required for that one.


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