The conspiracy theory that Will Shakespeare was not a brilliant playwright after all, and the people who could have written his works instead. Several famous names have been suggested as the person behind The Bard, both men and women, and even royalty.


What You’ll Hear

Colour portrait of William Shakespeare, wearing a white ruff

Pic © WikiImages via Pixabay

  • 1:00: What we know about William Shakespeare
  • 1:57: Why he may not have written the plays that bear his name
  • 2:19: Potential real authors of the plays
  • 3:20: The women who may have written his plays
  • 4:03: The ‘evidence’ that proves the theory


Prefer to read? Click here for the transcript – no email required! This episode was inspired by a blog in my history project about Jasper Fforde’s comic novel The Eyre Affair, which mentions the Shakespeare author conspiracy.

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