Time Pieces History: S1, E11: Pub Names

The reasons behind some of the most common pub names in Britain, and learn more about their bloody past. We delve into the stories behind names which include colours, animals, plants, equipment, heads and bells. Plus a quick look at unique pub names from around the country.


What You’ll Hear A sandstone building beside a grey road

  • 1:07: Why pubs had signs
  • 1:44: The original inns & religious pub names
  • 2:21: The practical process for naming a pub
  • 2:47: Common pub names in Britain
  • 4:05: Pubs named for equipment or ingredients
  • 4:36: Unique pub names


Prefer to read? Click here for the transcript – no email required! This episode was inspired by a blog about The Cricketers Arms in Bill Quay, Tyne and Wear.

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