How to Create Content for Your Heritage Organisation

The key to success with content marketing is consistency, but it’s something that a lot of businesses struggle with. They start off with big plans and good ideas, and then things tail off. They run out of content topics, they don’t have time to write or create new things, or they lose motivation.

If you don’t know what to talk about in blogs, this can stall your marketing efforts. This is why it’s so important to plan in advance, so you know what needs to be produced and by when. If you’ve got a team, share out the writing amongst several people, or consider employing a professional – not only will they have the time to create the content, but they can make it accessible for visitors.

Coming up with Heritage Content

If you work for a museum, historical venue or heritage site, you’ve got lots of scope for coming up with blogs, videos or whatever kind of content you like. But if you’re unsure, having a brainstorming session with a couple of team members can be a useful starting point.

A yellow pencil, sharpener and shavings rest on a lined notepadGet a big sheet of paper and a few pens, and start jotting down whatever comes to mind. If you spot themes emerging, make it clear where these are on the paper. There are no wrong answers. If you think your colleagues will have similar ideas to you, it can be helpful to do this exercise with a marketer or someone who’s not part of your organisation.

Any content you create should highlight what’s unique and interesting about your site and encourage people to visit. Think about what they’d like to learn more of, and incorporate that into your content. Below are just some ideas of things you could create content about.

Some Heritage Content Ideas

  1. Talk about the history of your venue or site. When was it built? What else was it used for?
  2. Who lived or worked there? Was it a local family? Did they have servants?
  3. What was the town or surrounding area like when your site was built or used?
  4. Do you know what life have been like for the townsfolk? What about children?
  5. Have you got a special collection? Perhaps of artworks, farm tools or furniture
  6. What artefacts is your site home to? You could create a blog or video on a different artefact each week, and think about putting these into categories
  7. What did people eat and drink when your venue was built?
  8. What did people do for fun? Did they have much leisure time?
  9. What was going on in the world at the time your site dates to? Was there anything significant in politics, religion or war?
  10. What did people wear? Was there an item of clothing that was unique to the area or industry?

Other Content Ideas

You may want to appeal to special interest groups, for example railway enthusiasts, stamp collectors or fans of rare books. What kind of content could you produce to encourage them to visit your venue?

Seasonal content is also a good idea, particularly as it can often be evergreen (something you can use year after year Scrabble pieces scattered on a tablethat’s still relevant). What were holidays like at your site? Did residents enjoy particular festive traditions? Do rare plants grow only in the grounds of your venue?

If you’ve got any visiting exhibitions planned, you’ll need to create plenty of promotional content to maximise visitor numbers and to encourage them to stay and look around. Plan blogs, videos or audio before, during and after the exhibition, and if you use social media, encourage people to share their takeaways from their visit.

Looking for more tips on content marketing? This will help.

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