Time Pieces History Project: About Me

I’ve talked about the inspiration for the Time Pieces History Project and how I’d like it to pan out, so I should probably say something about myself too, particularly for new visitors to my site.

I’m not a historian. I’m not even an amateur historian. I am, however, a chronicler of events, of things that interest me and things I think others would like to know about as well, and I have been since I was tiny.

I’ve always loved history – the capturing of a long-ago moment in time and the telling of an unfamiliar story. I’m naturally curious (some might say nosy!) about people, their lives and what they experienced. It’s what first led me to journalism.

The Early Days

I was a huge fan of the Horrible History series by Terry Deary, poring over each new book as it came it, and revelling in the gory details. I had an early obsession with the Victorians, and one of my first ambitions was to set up a Victorian version of Beamish Museum, a local attraction much smaller in the early 90s than it is now, and with a focus on early 20th century life in the North East.

A teenage girl smiling and resting on the back of a wooden bench

Me as a teenager, when I was considering various history-related jobs.

We spent a lot of time in Northumberland as children, and the castles and churches out in the wilderness definitely fuelled my youthful imagination. Some of those places I visited then have stood for hundreds, if not thousands, of years, and I’ll be sharing a few in part two of the Time Pieces History Project, when I look at local sites and buildings.

The Reason for the Time Pieces History Project

The Time Pieces History Project, then, is a way for me to indulge my passion for history and love of learning. I hope that others will enjoy it too, and share their thoughts, their own experiences of some of the items, and perhaps even suggest their own favourites.

I didn’t become an archaeologist or an auctioneer (both jobs I considered), but I did become a writer, and perhaps that’s a good way to show my enthusiasm for the past, to share it with others and to enthuse them too.

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