Content Marketing: is it Right for My Business?

Hopefully, the benefits of content marketing are fairly obvious (read more here), but you may be concerned that, while it’s good in theory, it may not be appropriate for your company. As we’ve seen, content marketing is here to stay (or certainly for the foreseeable future), so it’s vital that businesses embrace it. In my opinion, ignoring content creating and promotion is a risk not worth taking.

Who does Content Marketing Help?

No matter what your industry, you can benefit from content marketing. There’s often a concern that it works better for B2C businesses, because so much of the content is visual. But you don’t just have to show pictures of your product or people eating your burger. You can show them your office, your staff, behind the scenes at work – people are interested in YOU.

Answer people’s questions in blogs, videos or audio. If you’re in a heavily-regulated industry, talk about processes and give general examples – you know who your target market is, so describe their pain points, and how you solve them.content marketing

If you don’t want to get lost in the crowd, you must have an online presence, and not just a website. Content marketing is the vehicle for sharing your knowledge on social media, in forums and wherever people are looking for help.

You don’t have to worry that content marketing is time-consuming, either. While we’ve learned that consistency is the key, that doesn’t mean you have to post multiple times a day. Make it manageable for you, and decide to post a new blog weekly or fortnightly at first. Use an automation tool to share your content on social media platforms throughout the week, and make a point of sharing some else’s video, article or tweet too.

Curation is just as important as creation if you want to succeed at content marketing, because it shows that you’re interested in learning from others, and you’re being generous by putting it in front of your audience. Make content part of your overall marketing strategy, connect with clients, suppliers and potential customers online, and start slowly building relationships.

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