I meet a lot of business owners who struggle to see the benefits of content marketing, social media and content repurposing, particularly those in more traditional industries. There’s a feeling that it’s a fad, or doesn’t apply to them, because they’ve always got clients through word of mouth.how content repurposing helps

Unfortunately, you can no longer just market to people and hope they’ll want to buy from you – consumers look for information in lots of different places before they make a decision, so it’s important that your business is also in those places too. This is where content repurposing can make your life easier.

How Content Repurposing Helps

We understand that consumers and potential clients want to know how your offering can help them. In B2B (business to business) situations, they may have a vague idea of what you do, but aren’t too sure if you’re the right person for them. Explain clearly how each of your services can help and them and improve their business, and use case studies to back up your examples.

The majority of professionals will have a LinkedIn profile, so reshare your blog articles on your page, and ensure you’re directing readers back to your website for further information. We know that people turn to social media and ask for recommendations, because they like to know that someone they trust has worked with a business in the past.

Other Content Repurposing Ideas

Sharing tips about your business or industry, answering questions, creating graphics with snippets from your latest post or sharing them as social media updates are all forms of content repurposing, and all help you increase your reach and find new audiences.Why you need content repurposing

You may offer to write a guest post for someone in a related industry, and this helps you get in front of their audience – something that could be a lot harder if you tried to advertise or pitch to them. You can also share the link back to this article on your website and across social media. You can’t reuse it in its entirety, but you can base follow-up posts and videos on the same theme.

Producing a lot of content which you share in many places helps to make you more visible, and often one business becomes aware of another if they’re in the same circles. They can see what you do and get a feel for what you’d be like to work with through your social media, blogs and content repurposing.

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