Friday Video: Vlogs and Interviews I’ve Enjoyed This Week

I’m planning to start creating my own video series in 2018. I’ve got the equipment to get started, and I’m compiling a list of topics. In the meantime, I’m taking inspiration from some of the many excellent video creators and marketers out there, and learning a lot about their businesses as well.

I’ve curated three that I’ve watched this week and enjoyed. Let me know what you think!

Hot Content: Video Interview with Marketers Andrew and Pete

I’ve known Andrew and Pete for a couple of years, and met Natalie at a conference in September, so I was excited to see their interview. Andrew and Pete are international speakers and authors, and give marketing support to small business owners. Natalie runs Hot Content UK, where she creates content and delivers training and workshops.

In the interview, they discuss their new book (released a couple of weeks ago), content marketing and how to be a maverick with content creation.

Pixels Ink Video – The Story Behind Your Logo

I met Col at CMA Live in Edinburgh this year, and we’re both part of Team Tubb, where we work with IT growth expeMy Services are Differentrt Richard Tubb. I’m not visual in the slightest, so I’m slightly in awe of the magic Col does at Pixels Ink. I loved hearing the story behind his brand name and logo, and it made me think about the story behind mine. The video is great too, because Col shares his working methods as well. Tell me your story in the comments!

SmallSimon on Presenting

Simon is the Presentations Genius and delivers training and workshops about how to present better. He talks about mindset and confidence, and in this video he discusses the power of positivity – lots of people find public speaking nerve-wracking. I’m a big fan of his alter ego, SmallSimon, who is the star of this video!

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