Why My Services Are Different

I provide unique services (I believe) for my clients, so I thought it would be helpful to explain how it works and how it differs from other transcription and repurposing services. I qualified as an audiotypist five years ago, and combine that with 20 years’ experience as a writer to help my clients maximise their best content.My Services are Different

Creating fresh, relevant content on a regular basis isn’t easy, and I believe that having a process can make content marketing less of a chore. The more places your content gets seen the better, and lots of people do a great job of turning blogs into graphics, podcasts into soundbites and quotes.

Services Designed to Revitalise Content

My services are aimed at consultants, thought leaders, speakers and entrepreneurs who understand the importance of content marketing and produce a lot of content that they’re not using effectively, but know they should. The aim is to save them time by letting me create and repurpose content for them, and to help them be recognised as an expert and thought leader in their field.

I transcribe longer podcast interviews, video shows, webinars and training videos, editing as I go to cut out the unnecessary waffle, the chat at the start of the recording and get to the essence of the message that’s being shared. Being a native English speaker and a qualified writer makes my services different to those you’d find on outsourcing websites.

Services to get the Most out of Transcripts

Transcripts can be used as show notes to enhance the original podcast, a precis blog post, a series of blogs on a theme or to form the basis of a book – a methods I’ve used several times in the past, to great success. I can also do extra research and write further material to add more value to the book. And of course, transcripts can be repurposed into quotes, graphics, Tweetables and more.

The transcription service sits alongside my bespoke copywriting work, where I produce regular blog posts, long-form articles, research papers and eBooks for clients. These are exclusive offerings, restricted to only a handful of entrepreneurs, and aren’t the cheapest services available, but I think it’s important to be clear on what I can do (and what I don’t do). You can read more about whether I’m a good fit for your business needs here.

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