Creating New Blogs from Old Posts

If you’re struggling to find ideas for new content, one of the best resources is your own archive of blogs. Reinvigorating an old post, or using one of your most popular blogs, is an easy way to build up more content and to further demonstrate your knowledge.

Make the Most of Your Best Blogs

Take a post that’s had a lot of traffic, and update it with new statistics or facts, add better images (replace stock photos if you can), include a relevant quote from a client or senior manager, and add in a Tweetable, then share it again. Be sure to add a disclaimer at the top of the post that tells your readers you’ve made updates to a new post.

Next, you can identify two or three key points, and create in-depth posts on each one. Perhaps you’ve given people tips on using your product or service, but they could benefit from more detailed advice. Link back to the original post so they can also get an overview, and encourage them to stay on your site for longer.Reuse old blog posts

Alternatively, take some of the key points to create a numbered list post – a how-to or things to avoid in business are always good. Include a couple of extra points if you can, so that you’re adding new, valuable information, and write a sentence or two to explain each point.

Use the content as the basis of a guest post for someone whose business is in a similar or related industry. You can’t just submit the original to them, but make a few changes and submit it to their site.

Use the post as the inspiration for a while blog series, or if it’s particularly long, split it into two or three parts with introductions and conclusions – again, be sure to include some additional information for the reader.

Write a case study about a client who has used the product or service described in your post, followed your advice or has had success using a tool or technique that you’ve mentioned (it doesn’t have to be yours, just one that you’ve tried yourself and recommend). Case studies are a brilliant way to demonstrate credibility naturally, without looking like an advert.

There may also be ways to reuse and rejuvenate blogs that are specific to your industry, such as submitting the article to a journal or trade publication, or even sending a few as a way to demonstrate your knowledge and secure an interview. Get your thinking cap on!

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  1. Really useful post, Gudrun. I’m working on revisiting a lot of my older content where I think there’s value in updating. There are some great tips here for me to bear in mind. I particularly love the case-study approach. Thank you!

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